High end tube amps

Continuing with the old school-vibe, Vacuum Tube Amplifiers have a special place in an audiophiles heart. Tube amps are an old technology that I would bet most people haven’t even heard of. They’re a retro alternative to the modern day solid state amp and much like vinyl records, have a more authentic feel as they also use analogue audio.

Amplifiers are devices that boost an electronic signal to add power to sound for it to be enjoyed in a more authentic state. A vacuum tube amp uses vacuum tubes to add to the amplitude of a signal. Modern amps do this process digitally, but the appeal of vacuum amps to many is the more authentic sound it produces. At the end of the day it’s all subjective, you would have to hear both a solid state amp and a vacuum amps yourself to discern the difference.

Let’s take a look at a high end amp called the Muzishare X7 which goes for $1,299 on Amazon. This is an amp capable of a 45 watt output and unlike others on the market, it is versatile in its sound. Most vacuum amps are bought and designed with a certain genre of music in mind. The Muzishare X7 is capable of delivering quality frequencies across several music genres.

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